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VoIP Disadvantages

VoIP sounds too good to be true...what's the downside?

  • The most obvious disadvantage that traditional providers will point out is service outages when your Internet connection goes down or your power goes out. Since, VoIP relies on an active and powered broadband connection, when that happens to go down, so does your Internet phone service. Luckily, today most of us have a cell phone as backup in the case of an inconveniently timed emergency. Another available option is to maintain a most basic regular local phone service only to use in the rare instance that you do lose your power or broadband connection.

  • Although all interconnected VoIP service providers are required to provide Emergency 911 service, there may be certain situations where these services are limited or even unavailable. So, be sure to check with specific VoIP Service Providers to clearly understand possible limitations associated with their service. You can also check here for a VoIP 911 limitations overview.

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